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Amfood is a leading food & beverage importer, distributor and trading company as well as FMCG consumers products, food supplies importer in Malaysia . We combine live streaming ,online and offline marketplace as well as trading together with an innovation approach , placing the "right products" at "right channels".


Our products are maily imported from Thailand and Indonesia. AmFood -a member of AmPM Co Group is a sole importer and distributor of Ichitan Milk Tea, Nai Pramong fish snack, Prinze Shrimp Head in Malaysia and Singapore. With the expansion, Mekar Edar SDN BHD has been appointed to become the local partner to help to distribute  in Malaysia. 



Our products have been certificated by Halal, ISO 9001 and HACCP compliance. All food and beverage products are made without the use of artificial preservatives and colouring.